AXIS Power Carbon Masts


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Der Game Changer im AXIS Mast Programm. Schnelle High Aspect Frontwings mit großer Spannweite wie die ART 1099 und ART 999, bzw. generell Frontwings mit großer Spannweite wie 1150PNG, 1300PNG und 1010PNG, oder 1050HPS fordern die Stabilität Eurer Masten aufs härteste. Die neuen Power Carbon Masten von AXIS sind bis zu 25% steifer und lassen Euch Eure Foils kontrollierter, schneller und agiler fahren als je zuvor! Seid Ihr über 85kg Fahrergewicht wählt die noch härteren Power Carbon High Modulus Masten!

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Die neuen AXIS Power Carbon Masten sind da!

Der Augenmerk der Entwicklung war, das die Masten mit der Entwicklung der Frontflügel mithalten können und deren vollen Potential in Sachen Speed und Agilität zu 100% ausschöpfen können.
Die Querkräfte bei größeren Wingspans werden bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten immer größer. Wellen und Sprünge belasten die Material-Struktur ebenfalls massiv.
So wurden die neuen Masten komplett neu im Wagenaufbau redesigned und das Ergebnis ist laut AXIS ein Gamechanger, wie auch schon die ART Frontflügel in 2021.

Die Masten werden in 75cm, 82cm, 90cm und 102cm angeboten und werden in zwei verschiedenen Flex-Härten angeboten, wenn man so will.
Die Power Carbon Masten sind 25 Prozent steifer als die 19mm Aluminium Masten und man benötigt 35 Prozent mehr Kraftaufwand um den Mast an seine Grenzen zu bringen.
Parallel werden dieselben Längen in der High Modulus Version angeboten.
Welcher Mast wofür passt findet Ihr in der Grafik unten:

AXIS Power Carbon Mast Comparison


Be at one with the foil.
AXIS Power Carbon Masts.

The AXIS ART high aspect foil range was the single biggest foiling advancement to date. It delivered more speed, more glide and razor-sharp turning with industry-leading ease of ride.
But 2022 is the year of the mast. The AXIS Power Carbon mast.

Whether winging at speed, laying deep carves on a wave face or pumping and linking up swells on a downwinder – AXIS Power Carbon enters a new realm of control and connection between board and foil.
It’s the next giant leap in foiling performance. And once again it’s brought to you by AXIS.

High aspect foils = higher loads on masts
During early ART foil testing, our research team quickly realized that higher aspect ratios and broader foil spans applied more bending and twisting forces to the mast. So while ART foils were a game-changer even on our existing masts, we knew there was still huge untapped potential to be realized.
And so began a whole new development project, and we couldn’t be more excited at the result. With a new power profile and carefully considered material selection and placement, AXIS Power Carbon delivers both superior stiffness with next-level strength.
Opting for a one-piece design, we avoided the flow/drag and jointing issues associated with multi-part mast constructions.

Additionally and more importantly, testing proves that maximum loading is concentrated close to the baseplate and this is why the mast tapers thicker at this point to handle the loads. Any joins or two-piece construction at this high load area would destroy the integrity of the mast.

A revised fuselage connection design maximizes the size of the attachment point to achieve a perfect fit to the fuselage reducing any chance of unwanted movement.

The result is a positive connected feel, direct drive, immediate feedback and ultimate control. High aspect foils perform as they should, feel and control enter an entirely new realm.

Choose your Power level

Our new masts are available in two models, the Power Carbon and Power Carbon – High Modulus, the latter providing additional strength and 35% more bend resistance than our industry-leading 19mm aluminium mast. The High Modulus will be the mast of choice for the most discerning rider seeking ultimate performance, and heavier riders using our larger span foils.

AXIS Power Carbon Mast Comparison

With AXIS Power Carbon masts, riders will finally be at one with the foil.

AXIS Power Carbon Masts have a new and greatly improved base connection design. While fully compatible with all existing Red & Black fuselage, a new installation technique/method is required, this involves simply inserting the mast leading edge first into the fuselage opening, then rotating the trailing edge down. Removal is done in reverse, trailing edge rotates out first… super simple!

Remember use only 30mm M8 bolts to attach fuselage to Power Carbon masts



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    (1.649,00 / cm)
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