AXIS 1010 PNG Carbon Front Wing

Unser Fazit:
Der Step-up Flügel im PNG Programm. Medium+ Wind für schwere Piloten/ Leichtwind+ für leichte Piloten-/innen. Funktioniert auch prima in kleiner bis mittlerer Welle.


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AXIS S-Series 1010mm Pump and Glide Carbon Front Wing, 1010 High Aspect (1439cm2 Fläche) inkl. Hülle

Unsere Empfehlung für:
Downwinding – High Performance  / Leichter Wind
SUP / Surf – High Performance / kleine bis  mittlere Wellen
Wing Foiling, Leichter Wind
Pump Foiling
Wake Foiling

Empfohlene Rear Wings:
S-Series 460 Carbon für maximalen Speed
S-Series 440 Carbon für Kontrolle und Stabilität (alle Level)
S-Series 400 Carbon für looser Feeling und engere Turns (Intermediate)
Progressive Carbon Rear Wings für maximale Performance in Turns und Manövern (Intermediate to Advanced)

  • MAX CHORD: 160mm
  • ACTUAL AREA 1430 square cm / 222 square inches
  • WINGSPAN: 1010 mm / 40 inches
  • PROJECTED AREA: 1430 square cm / 222 square inches
  • VOLUME: 1732 cubic cm / 106 cubic inches
  • inkl. Schutzhülle
  • Schrauben zur Montage sind nicht enthalten

Original Text AXIS:
Our ultimate pump and glide wing series.

There’s no other wing like the Pump and Glide. A unique combination of medium and high aspect, thinner foil and high camber, PNG gets you up easily – then keeps you going, and going, and going. The foil section design also has a high stall angle, which means it performs exceptionally at slower speeds.

Dock foilers need look no further. This is your foil. At the time of writing, the time to beat was 5 minutes 40 seconds on the PNG 1150 matched with a Pump 460/60 rear wing. Think you can beat it? Film your flight and tag it on #foilpumpchallenge on Instagram.

PNG is a firm favourite with SUP foilers too, maximising your ability to pump back out and foil straight onto the next wave. Lots of our AXIS customers have also learned to wing foil on this design. However, the same characteristics that make it a great pumping foil will also hold back its top speed.

PNG foils are ideally matched with our Pump, Progressive or Speed rear wing ranges.

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