F-ONE Gravity 1800 FCT


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Unser Fazit:
Das perfekte Einsteiger Foil zum günstigen Start in den noch jungen Sport, für Einsteiger/ Aufsteiger bis ca. 80kg. Wenn Ihr über 80 Kilo wiegt, nehmt alternativ das Gravity 2200 FCT Set-Up. Homogener Lift, stabiles Fahren und Kurvenverhalten, flott aber nicht zu schnell.


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Area: 1800 cm²
Span: 95 cm
Aspect Ratio: 5.0
Weight: 1,7 kg (wing only)
Alu Fuselage: 74 Surf

Das sagen wir:
Das Gravity 2200 FCT komplett Foil hat schon vielen Neueinsteigern den leichten Einstieg in die Wingfoil-Welt geebnet.
Das Foil ist solide verarbeitet und einfach zu montieren.
Der große Frontflügel generiert frühen und stetigen Lift und lässt Euch einfach aufs Foil kommen.
Das Foil ist kontrolliert zu fahren und wird Euch sicher durch die ersten Manöver führen.

Geeignet für Einsteiger/ Aufsteiger bis ca. 80kg. Wenn Ihr oberhalb 80 Kilo wiegt, nehmt alternativ das Gravity 2200 FCT Set-Up.

Die Features im Überblick:

  • Früher Lift
  • stabiles Fahrgefühl
  • solide gebaut
  • ideales Einsteiger Foil, auch für schwere Piloten
  • komplett inkl. Cover für die Flügel
  • Super Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis


Das sagt F-One:
The foils of the Gravity line are designed to provide a solid lift with a smooth take-off and great carving potential.Right in the line of its best-selling carbon sibling, this new Gravity is the ideal foil to get started and progress in wing-foiling and surf-foiling. A Gravity foil is an intuitive foil to use. It generates lift at low (and even very low) speed but does it in a smooth way so you can keep your balance easily. The wings are designed to be easy to roll and turn, so they can perform in the surf.

The Gravity has its dimensions optimized to provide enough lift to get anyone flying. We made sure to keep the drag limited to maintain a thrilling feeling of glide. The span is generous making it a very stable foil and the refined shape details such as the arch curvature, the profile and the wing tips insure it remains highly maneuverable.

The wing is covered using a thin but strong protective layer to protect it from scratches and digs. It is built in fiberglass around an injected foam core and fits on a streamlined, aluminum fuselage. The two connect via a large, solid plate at the front of the fuselage ensuring a very solid and stiff bond between the wing and the fuselage. The fuselage can be connected to the standard F-ONE aluminium mast of the desired length. The setup and disassembly are also super easy and the whole is very travel friendly.

The Gravity comes with the IC6 300 stab. This stabilizer offers easy take-off and good directional stability for a secure feel which is perfect when riding. Built using the IC6 technology it is both strong and durable

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