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Der neue Ozone Flux Wing ist ein wunderbar neutraler und druckvoller Performance Wing mit großem Windbereich und Mini-Booms. Flying fast, bred to shred -get yours now!


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Nach den bekannten WASP Wings in seinen verschiedenen Evolutionstufen legt OZONE mit dem neuen FLUX V1 Wings nach.
Der Flux wird mit hochfestem und leichtem Dacron Tubes gefertigt und diese überzeugen durch ein steifes Profil. Aufgepumpt werden die Fronttube und Mittelstrut mit seperaten Ventilen und hohem Druck.
Die Mittelstrut verläuft gerade und verfügt über zwei Carbon Mini Booms, welche an den Kanten gummiert gepolstert sind.
Das Tuch ist aus Triple und Double Stop Tuch gefertigt und der Material mix ist perfekt verarbeitet.
Die Bahnen sind perfekt gezogen und vernäht. Das Profil ist eher flacher gehalten und mit einem moderaten V ausgestattet.

Der Flux ist super ausbalanciert und fliegt bei leichtestem Wind auf.
Die Minibooms sind perfekt platziert und fassen sich angenehm an.
Der Wing lässt sich über beide Hände neutral anpumpen und generiert sofort guten Druck und Vortrieb. Dadurch lässt sich der Wing einfach schon auf Halbwind  bis Raumschot Kurs hervorragend starten.
Einmal am Fliegen zieht der Wing schön nach vorne und läuft bei Bedarf hart am Wind.
Manöver lassen sich aufgrund seiner kompakten Outline leicht und neutral durchfahren. Der Wing richtet sich automatisch/ selbständig gut aus und fährt sich direkt, aber fehlerverzeihend.
Der Windbereich ist dabei ziemlich groß, siehe Grafik anbei:

Ozone Flux Wind charts
Ozone Flux Wind charts

Ozone Wings werden ausschließlich in der Ozone eigenen Fabrik in Vietnam hergestellt. Das garantiert lückenlose hohe Qualitätskontrolle und kurze Lieferzeiten.
Erfahrt hier mehr über die Ozone-Produktion.

Der Flux wurde international hervorragend getestet. Seht hier den Testbericht von Gleiten TV.

Die Flux Wings werden in Farbe weiß ausgeliefert.
Lieferumfang: Wing, Tasche und Hüfte-Leash

Lieferbar in den Größen:
2.4m / 3m / 3.6m / 4.3m / 5m / 5.7m / 6.5m

Wir haben den Flux in 5m und 6.5m für Euch im Test Pool. Meldet Euch wenn Ihr die heißen Teile mal probe fliegen möchtet!



After almost 80 prototypes, the Flux flies faster than any wing we’ve ever made.
Not only does it create more immediate power, but the Flux’s precisely tightened canopy structure can now hold and manage far more wind. Load it up and the Flux will keep its shape and create more usable power instead of deforming.

Ride with the type of freedom that’s only possible when you drastically reduce the feeling of drag in a wing.

All you need to do is maintain a comfortable riding position while the Flux automatically shifts seamlessly through its gears; accelerating harder through the wind to allow you to push your limits beyond expectation.

The Flux V1 features more panels than any other wing in our range to help reach the ideal load bearing structure and a super tight canopy for next level handling.

Each size in the range has an optimised shape to ensure you feel like you’re riding the same family of designs. Whether charging super high into wind on the smaller sizes, or holding more wind than you could imagine on the bigger sizes, every Flux model will help you ride faster and in more control.

The advantages of using a wing with less drag and reduced luffing will continue to reveal itself as your moves flow far more sweetly.


Our aim with every product is to make them fly as efficiently as possible but not at the expense of balancing the belief that our customers should be buying the best made product possible.

Owning our own factory in Vietnam that exclusively makes Ozone products offers real freedom in design.

Accelerating aerodynamic performance requires a complex blend of material selection with an intricate understanding of their implementation. Having 100% access to the factory gives our designers a unique advantage when it comes to understanding material application.

For a super high performance model like the Flux, it’s not only the materials themselves, but the intricate positioning and then handmade craftsmanship by our expert team of sewers that are key to the Flux’s superior aerodynamic handling.

While much of the design journey through the 80+ prototypes was about finding the magic point at which all these elements work in harmony, there are five features outlined below that really supercharge the handling in the Flux and help create its bigger sweet spot.

Say goodbye to baggy canopy cloth and hello to more performance and a longer lasting shape.
Using a performance Dacron material that is rigid and strong has allowed our designers to pre-load the leading edge and shape it to experience drastically less deformation under load.

Combined with optimised sail shaping and horizontal panels for a tighter canopy, the Flux delivers huge aerodynamic performance gains.

The 125g performance Dacron of the leading edge is also used in the strut and further accentuates the superb rigidity in the frame. In combination with the new rigid handles the connection levels feel like you’re part of the wind!

Buckling under pressure is now far less of a concern and the Flux’s pre-loaded leading edge and stiffened strut work sublimely well in partnership with the other design features. A new, bigger sweet spot in handling will allow you to find more control in stronger conditions, point higher into the wind, reach higher speeds and also pump with greater efficiency, which makes the wing’s bottom end even more potent.

The leading edge features a high cell count which creates a more perfectly curved shape, resulting in a purer aerofoil.

The Flux is also designed with many more horizontal panels in the sail itself, distributing the load better along the warp of the fabric. From strut to tip, each seam creates a stronger line connection in the sail and takes more of the load, reducing canopy stretch.

We build natural strength into our products and therefore, more often than not, you’ll find our designs are lighter than even our competitors’ ‘exclusive’ reduced weight designs. Read more under in the ‘Born Light’ tab.

Ergonomically angled front and back carbon fibre handles with EVA grip provide maximum control and comfort with incredible feel and response.

The front handle mount features a soft bumper to protect your head and board during water starts.

Positioned specifically where canopy loads are greatest, a new, stronger canopy material on the leading and trailing edges provides a force field shield around the central mainsail section.

Channelling greater forces and helping to create a cleaner foil, further advantages are the reduced stretch and the fact that the Flux will maintain a better wing shape over its lifespan.

What you feel:

  • Secure, in control, and ready to push it!
  • Big wind range! Very good power generation in light wind conditions while being easy to handle in high winds
  • Less drag and better stability for over-head manoeuvres such as tacks and gybes
  • Excellent back-winging ability due to tight sail
  • Excellent racing performance; fast, powerful, max upwind and downwind angles
  • Good jumping performance with excellent speed and power into the boost and lift on the glide down
  • Super stable with low drag for wave riding
  • Higher performance, less physical demands
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