F-ONE Swing V2

Unser Fazit:
Homogen zu fahrender und sehr leichter Allround Wing mit weniger Vorspannung als der Strike V2. Ideal für Einsteiger bis Fortgeschrittene. Sheet in and go!

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Das sagen wir:
Der neue F-One Swing  V2 ist etwas steifer als sein Vorgänger und fängt intuitiv den Wind ein. Neutraler Druckpunkt und sofortiger Druck zeichnen diesen Wing aus und machen ihn zum idealen Einsteiger Wing, gerade auch für leichte Piloten/-innen, Jugendliche und Kids.
Wer radikalere Performance sucht, greift zum Strike V2 oder zum Strike CWC
Aus Performance Gründen verzichtet F-One auch beim Swing V2 auf Fenster.

Lieferbar in 2.4, 2.8, 3.5, 4.2 and 5 m
Lieferumfang: Wing, Tasche mit Rucksack-Trage-Garnitur, und Wrist-Leash.
Eine Pumpe wird nicht mitgeliefert.

Größe/ Windbereich/ Druck
3.5m – 20-35 KTN – 8 PSI
4.2m –  15-30 KTN – 7 PSI
5.0m –  10-25 KTN – 9 PSI

  • The SWING has been known for its incredible lightness. The V2 comes back with an even lighter feel.
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Easy planing and upwind performances
  • Maximum comfort and accessibility
  • Touch Control
  • Fantastic Maneuverability

Das sagt F-One:

Offering pure enjoyment is at the heart of this SWING’s design. It is not a matter of pure performance nor the jumps’ height. It has been designed to offer the lightest feeling possible and to generate efficient power to allow foiling in all conditions with maximum stability and ease-of-use.

The power’s distribution has been improved and is perfectly balanced to not tire your arms out. The instant power generated by the wing as well as its neutral balance make it a fantastic wing for all riders, no matter their level and ways to practice. It has been designed to be more flexible which greatly improves the comfort. The SWING V.2 is a fantastic light-wind wave riding wing.

Its design benefits from the STRIKE’s innovations. Its stability and durability have been improved thanks to the vertical panel orientation along the trailing edge inspired by the STRIKE. We have used our well-known lightweight and high-quality materials as well as our exclusive design to get a super sleek canopy. We have made the choice not to add unnecessary accessories to keep the weight as low as possible.

The SWING V.2 has two comfortable handles located in crucial spots to allow the rider to have the perfect balance and again to lower the overall weight of the wing. They have been optimized to help with easy transitions and the best tuning. Their excellent feel encourages longer sessions.

Its remarkable low weight will make you forget about it when in freefly mode and when riding swells. The SWING V.2 has improved all its original features: simplicity, comfort, and stability. Riding in the low end will have never been so enjoyable and is exceptionally intuitive.

The SWING V.2 is available is 2.4, 2.8, 3.5, 4.2 and 5 m to suit all needs. Specifically designed for kids and lightweight riders, the 2.4 is the ideal wing to learn and enjoy the sport!

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