AXIS Progressive Carbon Rear Wings


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Die neuen Progressive Wings leiten eine neue Ära im Thema Rear Wings ein – mehr Speed – engere Turns – mehr Agilität bei gleichbleibend guter Kontrolle


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Die neuen AXIS Progressive Carbon Rear Wings sind da!
Es dreht sich hierbei um die Weiterentwicklung der bisherigen S-Series Stabilizer.
Der Hauptaugenmerk liegt hier auf Turns.

Die neuen Rear Wings sind leicht nach unten gebogen und ansonsten weitgehend flach gehalten.
Die Medium Aspekt Wings rollen spielerisch in die Kurve und vermitteln ein loses, agiles Kurvenverhalten mit gleichzeitig guter Kontrolle und progressiver Beschleunigung.

Die neuen Heckflügel sind eher was für Intermediate bis Advanced Piloten, passen hervorragend zu den progressiveren ART , ART Pro,  HPS  und Spitfire Frontflügeln, fühlen sich aber auch mit PNG und BSC Frontflügeln wohl.

Es werden 10 verschiedene Größen angeboten.
Größere und schwere Piloten sollten eher auch mittlerer bis größere Größen wählen.
Kleinere und leichtere Piloten-, Pilotinnen sollten eher kleine bis mittlere Größen wählen.

Grundsätzlich gilt, je kleiner der Heckflügel, desto schneller und agiler wird das ganze Foil.

Lieferumfang jeweils inkl. Cover. Schrauben sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.


Who are the AXIS Progressive rear wings for?
The AXIS Progressive rear wings are all round wings for intermediate and advanced riders paired with higher performance front wings such as HPS, ART, PNG and BSC front wings.

You notice the difference in your first carve or gybe.

Why did we design the AXIS Progressive rear wings?
We got super hooked on the locked in, fast, stable feel of the AXIS Speed 380/60 and 420/60 rear wings, and still are for flat water blasting and racing for winging and big, fast waves for foil surfing. But we had a feeling we still had more to give our riders in the turning department. After several iterations and tweaks, the new Progressive rears have delivered it in spades.

Medium aspect, with a thin foil section and subtle turned down tips, this new design rolls into the turn beautifully, feels fluid and loose, and also grips through the carve and transitions back out the other side with predictable control and positive acceleration. Even intermediate foilers will notice the difference straight away. It’s super well-behaved in rough winging conditions (just set and forget) and with the thin foil section, it’s still rewardingly quick. The Progressive rear wings will feel like a natural extension of your feet.

Riders are finding the Progressive rears pair beautifully with our AXIS ART and AXIS HPS high aspect front wings, and they’ll work very well with any foil for riders looking to improve their turns and carves. As always, size your Progressive rear wing to your experience and front wing size. (larger sizes for less experienced riders and larger front wing pairings)

We obsess over rear wings, almost to the point that it’s a problem. We’ve tried to get professional help but the prototypes just keep getting churned out by our design team on a weekly basis, and we can’t help but test, analyze, pontificate, redesign – and on and on it goes.

You may be thinking – why do rear wings matter? Aren’t they just stabilizers to balance the front wing? Well that’s what many thought too – in the very early days. We know that your rear wing can change your life. Okay that’s not quite true, but it will significantly affect the ride characteristics of your whole foil set up.

Try the AXIS Progressive rear wings and you will immediately know what we are talking about.

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