AXIS ART Pro 1201 Carbon Front Wing


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Unser Fazit:
Die ART Serie bekommt Nachwuchs – ART Pro ist da! Der ART Pro 1201 kombiniert hohes Geschwindigkeits-Potential, endlose Glides, niedrigen Stall Speed, Breach control mit bisher unbekanntem Drehverhalten bei Flügeln dieser Spannweite.


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AXIS 1099 ART Carbon Front Wing, inkl. Hülle.

Das sagen wir:
Die ART Serie bekommt Nachwuchs – ART Pro ist da! Der ART PRO 1201 erweitert das ART Programm nach oben, bzw. schließt die Lücke zwischen PNG 1300 und HPS1050.
Der neue große Bruder des ART 1099 aus dem AXIS RESEARCH TEAM resultiert aus zwei Jahren Entwicklung und ist ein High Performance Flügel in Sachen Glide/ Speed.
Der ART Pro 1201 kombiniert hohes Geschwindigkeits-Potential, endlose Glides, niedrigen Stall Speed, Breach control mit bisher unbekanntem Drehverhalten bei Flügeln dieser Spannweite.
Früher Lift und große Speed Range machen den Flügel perfekt für alle Fortgeschrittenen, egal ob auf Flachwasser, oder in der Welle.

 NICHT zum Springen geeignet!

Der ART Pro 1201 benötigt die Black Fuselage oder die Advanced Black Fuselage mit verkürztem Abstand zwischen Mast und Frontflügel.

Unsere Empfehlung für:
Wing Foiling –  leichte bis schwere Fortgeschrittene.
Leichter bis mittlerer Wind.
Downwinding – all conditions
Waveriding – kleine bis mittlere Wellen

Empfohlene Rear Wings:
Progressive Carbon Rear Wings für maximale Performance in Turns und Manövern (Intermediate to Advanced)
Skinny Rear Wings für maximale Performance Turns und Manövern und maximalen Glide Speed (Advanced)

  • WINGSPAN: 1201 mm / 47.2 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 135mm, 5.3 inches
  • ASPECT RATIO: 11.4
  • ACTUAL AREA: 1318 square cm / 204.3 square inches
  • VOLUME: 1247 cubic cm / 76.1 cubic inches
  • inkl. Schutzhülle
  • Schrauben zur Montage sind nicht enthalten


Das sagt der Hersteller:

Each member of the ARTPRO Range (More sizes and details to follow soon) is a wing in its own right, not simply scaled versions of its closest sibling, all the wings share the following:

  • An extended elliptical outline, with the tips removed.
  • A straight median line for better turning and control.
  • Narrower chords for lower drag overall.
  • Less overall turn down especially in the tips.
  • Less complicated shapes in general.

These are fast high performance wings and as such are perhaps not as accessible to intermediate riders as the ART’s that proceeded them. While they deliver amazing performance characteristics, they are relatively easy for mere mortals to ride.
As a consequence of the performance gains discovered during the development of the ARTPRO range, we realised that taking full advantage of this performance required a rethink of rear stabilisers.
Enter the AXIS Skinny rear wing range. These are reduced chord rear wings, minimising pressure build-up and providing a better balance for more efficient new-generation front wings. Resulting in higher speeds, additional performance gains, more fluid gliding and thrilling turns.

After the great reception the ART1099 received, it seemed obvious that we should build a bigger one. We swung into action with the intent of rolling out an ART1199… that’s where the 2-year ARTPRO odyssey began.
Not content to just scale up an already tried and true formula we went to work (our longest development cycle to date), testing countless iterations, all building on the success of the one before, the result we believe is something really special, so special in fact that collectively we decided it would herald in an entirely new range for AXIS, the ARTPRO’s.

Leading the charge is the ARTPRO 1201, designed for fast downwinding and bigger guys, but don’t get the wrong impression, this is the wing Dylan Bez prone paddled up for a World Record Marathon 3hr and 6min continuous Surf pump session (left his board shorts at home so went out in work shorts, he had to stop because it got dark? Averaging 18.8km/h and covering a whopping 58km in distance all without getting wet again)
The design requirements of the ARTPRO 1201, were unprecedented glide, fast and nimble feel, unparalleled large span turning, great breach control, crucial for a wing of this span and finally early lift and low stall speed.

If you’re a downwinder looking for that missing gear between the PNG1300 and the HPS1050, this is your wing.
If you’re a light-wind winger or heavier rider looking for a high-performance wing this is the wing for you.
If you’re a prone surfer wanting to link more waves in smaller conditions, this is the wing for you.

Based on our Black fuselage platform, ARTPRO 1201 will slot straight into your existing quiver, but really comes alive when paired with our Black Advance fuselages and our Skinny rear wings.

NOT intended for jumping!


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