AXIS 850 PNG Carbon Front Wing

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Das sagen wir:
Der Ruf nach kleineren PNG Frontflügeln war groß und jetzt gibt es einmal den 910B PNG und den 850 PNG, beide zur Montage an der Black Fuselage.
Wie alle PNG Frontflügel erzeugen auch die neuen einen sensationellen Lift, gleiten sensationell durch und vertragen eine ordentliche Portion Speed.
Der 850 PNG glänzt zudem noch mit hervorragendem Potenzial in engen Turns.

Der 850 PNG benötigt die Black Fuselage.

Unsere Empfehlung für:
WING Surfing for all levels and medium / stronger conditions, or light conditions for smaller riders  Perfect for lightweight adults or kids learning the sport
Prone – will dominate in most waves for pump and glide effortlessly hunting for the next bump
SUP / Surf – Medium bumps, Tight turns and higher speeds
Wake foiling – Fast rides, with quicker frequency pumps
Windsurfing foiling – Smooth easy riding, all conditions
Kite Foiling – light to medium winds and super stable riding

Empfohlene Rear Wings:
S-Series 460 Carbon für maximalen Speed
S-Series 400 Carbon für looser Feeling und engere Turns (Intermediate)
Progressive Carbon Rear Wings für maximale Performance in Turns und Manövern (Intermediate to Advanced)

  • WINGSPAN: 850 mm / 33.4 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 150mm, 5.91 inches
  • ASPECT RATIO: 6.81
  • ACTUAL AREA 1102 square cm / 170.8 square inches
  • PROJECTED AREA: 1061 square cm / 144.5 square inches
  • VOLUME: 1044 cubic cm / 64 cubic inches
  • inkl. Schutzhülle
  • Schrauben zur Montage sind nicht enthalten

Das sagt AXIS:
For the past year we have been listening to our customers how they have been dreaming of a smaller version of the 910PNG  a wing that pumps and glides like the PNG series, but turns really tight, and has a greater speed  Now that wing would be so versatile, it could an amazing prone foil, or winging, or SUP or kite etc. so we couldn’t resist the challenge.

So now the 850, together with the 910, 910B, 1010, 1150, and the 1300 form the latest Pump and Glide wing family.

The Pump and Glide wings are designed to be easy and early to lift for their size. The have tons of control, and feel comfortable for most levels of riding. Our Glide wings pump unreal, and glide effortlessly and endlessly.
And they are fast wings, but their focus is not to be the fastest wing on the market. But instead, to be the easiest high aspect wing that almost everyone can ride, and can improve their level of riding right away.

If you have already experienced the PNG ride, then the AXIS PNG 850 wing will make you feel right at home.
But its faster, turns tighter, and carves beautifully.
If you were looking for a foil wing that feels like a natural extension of your body, this is probably the one.

When surfed, the PNG 850 will quickly become your go to setup for medium +conditions. Waist to head high waves, 15+kts wind, is we’re the 850 excels.
your light weight riders will use the PNG 850 as their every day foil, on the Ultrashort or Crazyshort fuses.

The AXIS 850 carbon wing can be ridden with the tip off the water, and you won’t even notice it. Incredibly smooth and well behaved.

As with every AXIS front wing, the graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.


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